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Spiritual and Intuit

Jun 19, 2017

Louisa had a deep talk with the lovely Sheena Mannina on coming into our spiritual selves and the awakening that can bloom when we let go of conventional (and with that, a lot of fear-based) beliefs! 

In 2014, Sheena Mannina and her partner Evan Cretini opened the first organic, cold pressed juice bar in New Orleans, LA. Raw Republic stands now, with a client base of over 8,000 and having expanding into a wellness space offering holistic coaching, wellness events, acupuncture, meditation and conscious retail.

Sheena is also the creator and host of her podcast, Raw Talk with Sheena, which covers topics ranging from nutrition, spiritual development, healing, life experiences, business, and sometimes, aliens. Raw Talk with Sheena has acquired an audience of 215,000 listens since its inception, August 2016.

Sheena has been a guest meditation leader at Wanderlust 108, New Orleans, recognized by Zagat's Top 30 under 30, and chosen as an Express Ambassador for their July 2017 jeans campaign.

Her future endeavors include expanding her juice + wellness concept to other cities, and to, most importantly, continue doing what makes her happy.

You can find Sheena on Twitter and Instagram @sheenamannina and visit her website for Raw Republic, If you haven't already, be sure to check out her podcast on iTunes, Raw Talk with Sheena!

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