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Heart Song Awakening

Jul 4, 2018

For episode #11, Louisa recorded an interview with Jim Trader, professional astrologer and published author living in Denver. Jim specializes in Western natal astrology, astrological predication, synastry (the astrology of relationships), astrological research, and astrological education. Having studied astrology since 1982, he began his professional practice in 2009.  

On our podcast today, we covered a wide range of topics!
  • Jim's introduction as a child into the world of metaphysics
  • the impact of Saturn returns
  • alternative names for astrological energies
  • Jim's own predictions for what we're moving into in the upcoming years

Reference: Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Jim teaches classes and does personal readings for people throughout North America.
His book "Hero and Wanderer" is available through Amazon and from him directly.
If you would like to get in touch with Jim, his contact information is below:
Phone call for readings: 720-937-3344 (call only, no text) - Readings are face-to-face or over the phone, $40 + $1 per minute
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