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Heart Song Awakening

Dec 10, 2018

Louisa's guest on Spiritual and Intuit episode #15 is the talented and deeply intuitive love, prosperity, and abundance coach, author, and speaker, Mary Silver!

Mary received her Master's in Social Work from the University of Denver in 1997 and is a Love & Prosperity Coach, speaker, teacher, and published author.  She is a featured author and speaker on business, success skills, and other topics. She is passionate about using positive psychology, numerology, Human Design and astrology, to connect her clients to all they are so they can live in love, joy, happiness and prosperity. 

Along with receiving her Master’s Degree, she is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, a level 3 Human Design Specialist, Certified Angel Card Reader, and a Licensed Astrologist-Numerologist. She is a Quantum Success Coaching graduate, Landmark Education graduate and a Bob Proctor Coaching graduate. She has spent over 14 years working with individual and groups empowering them to create the life they have always wished for!​​​​​​​ She has spent years studying the Laws of the Universe and how they play a part of our lives and relationships. She believes that everyone has a special purpose in life and deserve to being doing that and living in complete passion!

Dicussion Topics:

-Mary's background in social work and transition into coaching based on the Law of Attraction

-Basics of numerology and astrology

-Merging numerology and astrology to learn more about your life path and purpose


Learn more about Mary and her coaching services!

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