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Heart Song Awakening

Dec 3, 2020

Emily Brown is the founder of Akashic Healing Sessions, LLC. She's an Akashic Records reader and channel, as well as a certified Reiki Master and practitioner. She reads the Akashic Records and channels Akashic Reiki for clients all over the world. She loves holding space for connecting and healing with people and knows it's her purpose to help people connect back to their divine origins, to their power, and the healer within themselves.
In this episode, Louisa and Emily talk about what the Akashic Records are, Emily's story of becoming an Akashic Records reader and starting her business, how to connect with and read the Records for yourself and others, and how past life work and Reiki are valuable tools for integration when working with the Records. Emily opens the Akashic Records at the end of the episode for the audience of the Heart Song Awakening podcast! Listen and receive the magic of this powerful channeled message and episode!

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IG: @emily_akashic_healing_sessions


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