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Heart Song Awakening

Jan 12, 2021

Message about symptoms of psychic attack and if this is happening to you, why/where it could be coming from! This meditation affirms sovereignty of your source love/light and its integration in your field and space. Stating the affirmation - out loud, creating that vibration - is a command. Anything not of the love/light vibration must go.

I felt this particular topic has been important the past week and will be this coming week, too, because as consciousness continues to rise on a collective level, fear-based energies that have been comfortable as parasites won't be able to do their thing anymore and will put up a stink about it! So if you feel increasing symptoms of psychic attack, it's so important to remember that these thoughts are not your own and these feelings are not your own. They are distorted entities/frequencies and must leave if commanded to do so in the name of Jesus Christ, Angels, and Divine Source. :)

Meditation begins @11:25.

Music: Adrift by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.