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Heart Song Awakening

May 25, 2021

On today's episode, Louisa welcomes Annie Larson! Annie is a professional medium, intuitive advisor and Reiki Master Teacher with years of experience, who has the unique abilities to assist others on their paths of self-discovery.

Annie has many decades of experience in offering mediumship and intuitive guidance. Her passion is to bring healing and closure via readings and help others hone their intuitive voice through her development and mentoring classes. She has many tools to help her clients find peace through Reiki energy healing, find their life’s purpose through astrology, find clarity with intuitive counseling, and fulfill their goals through spiritual life coaching. Annie is recognized locally in the DC metropolitan area and throughout the United States as one of the best mediums known for her accuracy, authenticity, and calming nature. Her readings bring guidance, direction, and clarity with evidence-based messages from spirit. Her mission is to help people grieve and heal.

The conversation in today's episode discusses what mediumship is, how Annie connects to spirit, and some of the stories and examples that highlight the profound healing mediumship can gift to clients. Annie "allows spirit to play her instrument" to bring these messages through from loved ones on the other side.

To connect with Annie, visit her website:

To learn more about Heart Song Awakening, visit or @heartsongawakening on Instagram.